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YouTube Studio review

  • Emily Siegel
    • 2018-12-13
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Emily Siegel

YouTube Studio review

  • 2018-12-13
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The old YouTube Studio has been around for quite a while, and it has taken a revamp for YouTube to finally unveil the full ecosystem as customers have been asking for it.

Interface - 5/5

The first thing when you click on the beta studio tab to load the new YouTube Studio is a dashboard that shows all the trends on your latest video. You’ll see channel analytics displayed as fine graphs and percentages for your channel for the last 28 days. The information on the dashboard is neatly stacked, and everything is made easier with the new widgets that the app has unveiled.

Content and Features - 5/5

The primary aim of the app is to provide the YouTube ecosystem in the same dashboard-like format that the web app presents. Thus, you can see everything related to your content. YouTube classic was quite simplified in its approach to presenting stats, and you couldn’t interpret data about your channel to its full effect. With the new Studio, you can see your growth journey displayed, and you can harness your channel to its full power. From channel analytics to suggestions about what learning videos you can watch to improve your own standing, the new YouTube Studio comes at a timely pace where the full effect of YouTube is being seen.

With lots of monetization strategies being put in place and Vloggers raking in millions a year from their channels, every stat counts. On the dashboard, you can see everything that’s happening on your latest video including viewing comments and their post times.

Usability - 4.5/5

The app is made especially easy to use with the unveiling of widgets, which streamline navigation through the app. You can see ideas and recommendations for you and also what’s trending. Entity-based navigation gives priority to videos and tracking their stats. On your dashboard, other tabs such as Monetization, Analytics, and Comments have been existent, but the ability to directly relate to a video’s stats has been lacking. You can change your thumbnail easily, and you can also manipulate videos more readily. Overall, the app is a pleasure to use, but there is some room for improvement.

Compatibility - 5/5

YouTube Studio is compatible with devices running on iOS 10.0 or later, with new support for iOS 12. It is also compatible with Android devices running higher versions of the OS, although more complaints are leveled against Android malfunctions and incompatibilities. While there’s definitely more you can do with the web app, the mobile version pretty much covers all your bases when it comes to tracking stats.


YouTube Studio, including the app, has come at the right time when the monetization capabilities of YouTube are finally being realized. For already established names, the little numbers may not matter, but for new content reactors who want in-depth information about how people are interacting with their content, the value of an intuitive management dashboard is phenomenal.


  • Excellent layout and intuitive dashboard design
  • The app provides in-depth analytics about your channel, down to the last video


  • The app currently suffers several bugs which affect the content management experience
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