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World Factbook & Atlas review

  • Emily Siegel
    • 2018-08-05
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Emily Siegel

World Factbook & Atlas review

  • 2018-08-05
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What do we like to know about the world we live in? In fact, everything. While researchers still search for the answers on the frontline of Earth science, many questions behind them are questions no more. You don’t have to visit far countries to learn about their life; a factbook like this will give you a general impression on that.

This app is made for those really intended to upgrade their knowledge level. Paid though not expensive, it’s not for casual installing. You only will have it if you really want it.

Interface — 4/5

It may be hard to combine different data types to be displayed comfortably for the eyes. While iPad has some space to display large maps and lists, on iPhone screen, it seems too tight for showing all you need at once. You’ll have to do a lot of swiping and scrolling to get to the right section.

On the other hand, the app is logically and mindfully organized, so all this swiping and scrolling won’t take you long.

Content and Features — 5/5

It’s a small mobile encyclopedia about countries, regions, cities and other geographical objects of the world. It also features built-in map in high definition (total of 5726 megapixels, so prepare 230 MB of free space on your device!) Tap on the spot, and get the info on the region, the country, and so on.

For each country, region, or town there is a detailed summary that covers population, cultural specifics, stats on ethnicity, languages, and religion, age structure, and so on. The info also includes industry, geographical properties, climate, the legal system, and so on.

The app offers a set of analytic tools. For example, you can compare two or more countries with any of the parameters. Which is more populated, larger, better at some industries, and so on – the app will tell you.

It’s also worth mentioning that the app undergoes constant updates with the refreshment of data included. It’s great for keeping the data exact but requires a lot of traffic, so you better connect via Wi-Fi to receive an update.

The app is paid: the price is $1.99, and no free version is provided. By paying, you get access to the full app with no additional payments required. You get all the info and none of the ads or other distracting stuff.


Usability — 5/5

The developer has done great work over putting the links on the map and systemizing data. You just need to tap on the object to read the info on it.

It’s not harder to use than any geographical atlas. In spite of data richness, the app is very easy to navigate through. It’s a pity, but the app is available in English only, with no translations planned.

Compatibility — 3/5

There is an only iOS version of this app. Though it’s said to be compatible with iOS 8.0, as the practice demonstrates, the devices that can’t update to iOS 10.0 often can’t run modern apps properly. So you’re safe with iPhone 5S or iPad of 2014, but earlier devices may cause a lot of problems resulting in a null effect.

There are separate versions for iPhone and iPad. iPad version looks thoroughly revamped, utilizing larger screen well. It becomes possible to fit both map fragment and a lot of text info on one screen. These are different apps, so make sure you purchase the right version for your device.


A great illustrated and detailed atlas with a large factbook. It’s a great support for travelling, a good thing for quiz maniacs or those fond of getting to know something new. It’s not that great that you need to switch to iPhone from your Android to enjoy it; there are analogs. But World Factbook & Atlas is a great knowledge indeed.


  • Rich info on geographical objects
  • Constant updates for free
  • Data is kept actual
  • Offline maps in full definition
  • The atlas is in HD and easily zoomed.


  • No free version (even demo)
  • Available in English only.
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