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  • Version: 1.122
  • Size: 143 MB
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Word Addict: Word Puzzle Games review

  • Emily Siegel
    • 2018-08-07
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Emily Siegel

Word Addict: Word Puzzle Games review

  • 2018-08-07
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Word puzzles are always attractive; language is the tool we use constantly, and it provides infinite freedom of creation. The puzzles of Word Addict are rather simple; still, they can be amusing to players, no matter whether they are native speakers or speak English as a foreign language.

The app is available for iOS and Android, and two versions offer the same content. Apps don’t need fresh versions of the OS; they run well on devices manufactured in 2012 or even earlier, due to low system requirements.


Plot — 5/5

It starts slowly and easy. There are sets of two or three letters, and here are some empty fields. Your mission is to fill the fields with words you can get by combining the given letters.

You don’t have to use all of them in each word. The number of cells in each field determines how many letters you should combine the word of. The combinations are selected wisely, so they don’t form any exotic or obsolete (let alone obscene) words. At least the first three levels will hardly cause a problem.

The further you go, the more complicated it gets. You’ll have to use hints offered by the app, as well as search all over your lexicon to see what words it could be. We’ll tell you that there can be absolutely any words: nouns and verbs in any form, pronouns, and prepositions, and even articles and exclamations.

You may ask for a hint or a mega hint, but it will cost you coins you get for correct answers. Of course, you can just purchase these coins via your device’s payment system. Maybe it’s a better way to learn English than attending special courses; anyway, it’s more fun.

Visuals — 4/5

It’s not a kind of game to surprise with its graphical splendor. The playing pieces in front of you look quite material. As you connect them, the words appear in the fields. The background is not dull, but neither is it too aggressive.

Visually the game just does its job: nothing more, nothing less. Due to this restraint, the game has very low system requirements, so you can install it even on iOS 8.0 or Android 2.3.3. If these ancient devices are still alive at your disposal, games like this with moderate requirements will keep them alive and demanded for more years.

The ads may spoil the pleasure by popping up when you don’t expect them. It’s an inevitable evil of free apps. But you can pay to get rid of them.

Replay value — 2/5

As you pass the level and see the answers, the words are reactivated in your head (even if some of them were new to you). Those with English as a second language may look these words up in a dictionary and then remember them. Anyway, it’s absolutely no fun to replay the levels you’re already through.

Yet the game has much more in store that it has revealed. The combinations are virtually endless, as the language is inexhaustible. Updates are rather frequent, and they bring new content along with improvements. Hope these updates don’t result in higher system requirements.

Controls — 5/5

The idea seems logical from the very beginning. Swipe from a letter to letter to combine them into a word that makes sense. What you get is what you see above the letter field. If you’ve made a wrong move, you can just cancel your movement and start anew.

All the other commands (like hint, restart, or pause) are available via buttons on the edge of the screen.


One of the funniest word games has very few requirements: a device that’s still alive and your knowledge of English (or your wish to improve it). The lightweight app is compatible with old or budget devices, so it makes sense to use them for games like this.


  • The app is stuffed with ads.


  • Good selection of letter and word combinations
  • Easy and lightweight design
  • No specific knowledge required.
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