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SuperStar BTS review

  • Emily Siegel
    • 2018-08-08
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Emily Siegel

SuperStar BTS review

  • 2018-08-08
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If you’re one of K-Pop fans, there’s no need to introduce you to idol culture. Teen bands like BTS (or Bangtan Boys) are extremely popular in South-Eastern Asia, and their popularity goes far beyond musical stages.

The official rhythm BTC game is here to check your timing and your love for your favorite band. OK, BTS isn’t your favorite band, and you are here only to satisfy your curiosity. Let it be so. Have fun anyway!

The game is available both for iOS and Android. It’s free-to-play, but you can buy the additional content within it. Alas, it’s not available worldwide (though if Google Play hides it for your country, you can just find .apk elsewhere).

Plot — 3/5

In fact, there’s no plot at all. All you need to do is tap blue notes approaching you when they reach the line, and hold yellow ones when they do. Other colors should be ignored. Sounds dull, but when it happens to the rhythm of these songs by Bangtan Boys, it’s much more fun. It’s like a nightclub or a stage where they’re making their new video.

As you go successfully through a song of the day, you unlock the next one. You can’t just listen to the music within the app; you have to interact and feel the rhythm at your fingertips. If you like the band (the boys or their music), you will enjoy the process even more. For those not so into K-pop, it will sound and look great, but not magical.

The game also offers profile customization, daily bonuses, and (the fans will appreciate) cards with members of the band. You can collect them as you win, and then upgrade by more beautiful cards. There are special prizes like Signed Card or Prism Card.

Not only is it a great way to be closer to your idols, but also a tool for checking and training your timing. And before it, all SuperStar BTS is a bright, fun musical game.

Visuals — 5/5

It’s as shiny and colorful as BTS videos or performances. The game is full of electricity and neon, drums and synthesizers, voices and faces of BTS. As technological as South Korea gets, the app may look too overloaded, but when it comes to music, you agree with the rules of the game.

The game doesn’t require lots of space (though if you care about at least 500 MB of your memory, it will be good). It downloads contents automatically, so the initial estimation of the space needed will not be correct.

Replay value — 4/5

This type of games is very highly replayable. It’s not enough to pass a level to leave it behind. If you want to listen to the song again, you will have to tap right to it, and it can’t be done once and forever. Just like Oriental wisdom says, happiness is the way, not a destination. The same is with this game: enjoy the process rather than reach aims.

But if BTS music is not what you like, the game may seem dull to you even sooner than you expect.

Controls — 5/5

It’s straightforward when it comes to playing. Tap blue notes when they reach the line; tap and hold yellow ones. If you fail, the game informs you. Get used to it to your favorite music (we hope it is your favorite, and that’s why you are here). The rest is done intuitively, as the developers have no tricks for you to learn.

Make sure your Android phone supports at least 5 point multitouch. Cheap Chinese smartphones may fail at this.


Addressing first of all K-pop fans, this game is a real gift for those genuinely fond of BTS and K-pop at all. But you don’t have to be one. If you just like funky pop music, neon graphics, and rhythm-and-timing games, you will get your share of pleasure out of SuperStar BTS.


  • If you’re a K-pop (or just BTS) hater, why did you read it all?
  • Available in selected countries only.


  • A treasure for K-pop fans
  • Great timing trainer
  • A lot of good music by Bangtan Boys.
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