Speedcheck Internet Speed Test

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  • Version: 5.0.4
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Speedcheck Internet Speed Test review

  • Erin Myers
    • 2018-08-09
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Erin Myers

Speedcheck Internet Speed Test review

  • 2018-08-09
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Speedcheck is a utility for analyzing Internet connection. Not only does it help in learning how your Internet works. It can also analyze daily or hourly speed changes, help with selecting the best network, and so on. The app works both with Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

It can also help on understanding whether it’s a general connection problem, or it’s about some particular address you try to connect.


Interface — 4/5

It seems a bit overloaded for a casual user. But if you need to check your speed just right now, you don’t have to go beyond its home screen. It displays info on your provider, your SSID, internal and external IP address, and connection level.

Just tap the Start button to do the checking. While downloading and uploading, it shows graphs of speed dynamics. And right after it displays the analysis results with estimation how good your speed is for different activities right on the home screen. One time checking requires nothing more.

Yet for advanced users, it looks informative and feature-full. If you use it frequently, the tools will cause no problem while selecting and applying the right one. It goes far enough to provide different pictograms to, for example, tell the results of LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi checking from each other at a glance.

There’s no distracting background: just plain black or blue text on pure white (or dark, if you select a darker theme). The interface is translated into many languages, but you can’t change it from within the app: it picks your system language automatically.

Content and Features — 5/5

The mission of this app is to check your Internet speed and to store and analyze the collected data. It is done by downloading and uploading a special file, so it doesn’t share your private information. The app is, in fact, a service with a worldwide network of servers, so the backend is stable enough to provide exact results.

The results are richer than simply numbers of megabytes per second. The app also estimates how good your connection quality is for different activities, like email, web browsing, online gaming, streaming videos or watching videos online. If you need, you can schedule checking to get daily or hourly data more efficiently. It can work in the background, and the data is just added to stats and then summarized.

If you check your networks frequently, it stores the data and analyzes it. So you can calculate the average speed of any network for any period of usage.

The app also offers cloud synchronization between various devices, so your stats are always available, no matter if you use it on iPhone or Android device. Creating an account is free.

Usability — 5/5

It has layers, like most pro apps. If you only need to check your connection once, you can do it in one tap. For systematic research and data collecting it provides a large specter of tools hidden on the next tab.

The Settings section is quite rich. There are options like exporting stats into any app that can share it, or limiting traffic on the cellular network to avoid maxing your plan.

The app is ad-supported, but there are different ways to get rid of it. The ads are gone after you run the test five times.

Compatibility — 4/5

The app requires iOS 10.3 (or later), or Android 4.0.3 (or later). It makes the app compatible with most devices manufactured after 2012. There are also versions for different web devices.


A great app for frequent speed checking, with analytic tools for advanced usage and one tap solution for those who need a speed check from time to time.


  • One tap checking Advanced analytic tools Clean interface Changeable themes Exportable stats


  • Can’t select the language manually
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