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Rules of Survival review

  • Erin Myers
    • 2018-12-13
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Erin Myers

Rules of Survival review

  • 2018-12-13
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If you’re a fan of Fortnite or PUBG, then you’ll probably like Rules of Survival on mobile. Despite its fights with PUBG over copyright issues, NetEase, the developer, has been riding high with its visually stunning game.

Plot - 4.5/5

Drawing heavily from the regular PUBG script, Rules of Survival is a game of ultimate survival where it’s all about the last person standing. There are four game modes: Solo, Duo, Squad (4 players), and Fireteam (5 players). If parachuting from a plane with a weapons cache and survival kits onto an isolated island doesn’t seem familiar by now, it’s about conquering other teams on the same quest as you. In the new Blitzkrieg mode, players land on the island with only basic supplies such as a pistol and limited armor in a move that aims at promoting one-on-one confrontations. You can earn in-game currency from survival length, the number of opponents killed and supplies looted.

One other thing you’ll like about the plot is how, in the classic battle royale fashion, the game’s safe zone reduces in size gradually, and players outside this grid take damage, thereby forcing their move inside and increasing the chance of confrontation.

Visuals - 5/5

The realism in the game is quite a match for consoles and looks especially good on iPad. The colors are vibrant and bright, and the character movement is fluid. Once you land in the open world, features are brought to life and there’s no getting bored with the scenery. Aside from the explosive graphics which showcase the best sides of mobile combat, the sounds are riveting and add sauce to the gameplay.

Replay Value - 5/5

You’ll definitely replay this game not only for the stellar graphics but also for the realistic combat. Besides that, the game offers tons of unlockable items and other things to work for including cosmetic kits. A few production issues mar the game such as the lack of designated boats, slow driving vehicles, and laggy gameplay. Each mode is responsive, and you’ll probably enjoy every element of the game. Gunplay, which is always the issue, is excellent here.

Controls - 5/5

You’d be immediately tempted to think that an actual combat game on mobile is going to be a terrible experience, but this game proves such doubters wrong. The game is excellent on iPad, and the screen is responsive, with movement in a full 3D open-world. The menus and gaming window interact flawlessly, which makes controlling players and switching armory quite effortlessly. Occasionally, a move may become non-responsive, e.g., driving a vehicle, and you may need to tap endlessly to make it work.


You’ll see lots of copyright issues when looking up Rules of Survival, but don’t let that stop you from playing a good game. NetEase chose a great game engine to develop RoS, and the investment panned off wisely, with millions of players joining the fun. The developers might not be able to pack a wholesome experience into mobile devices while standing in contrast to the dominance of such titles as Fortnite. But overall, this is a superb game. 


  • Occasional crashes and glitches
  • Production issues still mar the game, e.g., slow kill-shot response


  • Exhilarating graphics
  • Superb gameplay elements and nice combat experience
  • Wide weapons cache
  • Multiple playable levels
Replay value

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