Rabbit Evolution | Tap Coins of the Crazy Mutant Poop Clicker Game

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  • Version: 1.04
  • Size: 55.6 MB
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Rabbit Evolution | Tap Coins of the Crazy Mutant Poop Clicker Game review

  • Emily Siegel
    • 2018-08-13
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Emily Siegel

Rabbit Evolution | Tap Coins of the Crazy Mutant Poop Clicker Game review

  • 2018-08-13
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Clicker games have gone their popularity peak in the mid-2000s. To resurrect this type of game, the developers needed something completely insane. Rabbit Evolution is just that kind. You’ll only need to try it – or you’ll either delete it right after puking or love it forever.

The game is available for iOS only. We’d like to see someone switching to iPhone for it. But… People used to when Angry Birds was a hit. So why not?

Plot — 3/5

You have a farm of money rabbits at the start. But these are mutant rabbits: they can create new forms by evolution, and they also deliver you money. If you wonder how they produce coins for you… You’ll see. To tell it like it is, they just shit it out. You can tap at them to accelerate the process, but you don’t have to: they do it on their own once each several seconds.

The coins appear beside neat piles of poo, and (luckily) you don’t have to tap it to collect it. Maybe developers understood that tapping this substance (even drawn on the screen and as schematic as an emoji) is a doubtable pleasure.

When you have two rabbits of the same type on your field, you can merge them by dragging one upon another. They don’t make more rabbits of the same breed (like real ones do); they turn to a new breed that produces more coins than those two did together.

You can accelerate delivery of new basic rabbits, buy new ones of higher level, automatize merging, or make other regular bonuses more frequent. That’s what you can spend your coins for.

Visuals — 2/5

It’s oh so schematic and 2D. But… Tell me truly, with your hand on the mouse, would you really like to see a rabbit pooing in more details and in higher resolution? Luckily or not, you cannot even zoom the picture in to see how they do it.

But when it comes to new rabbit breeds, we can’t but applause to developers’ fantasy. Here are fish rabbits, unicorn rabbits, crocodile, cock or even lion rabbits. So you can’t stop clicking on those boxes and releasing more rabbits just to see the next breed you get.

Replay value — 2/5

As you discover new breeds, it gets more and more fun. But replaying the game just to see more and more of what comes out with money? Thank you, some other time, that is never. So it’s not a game for long; instead something to look away from your everyday activity, including gaming. Unless your job means handling real rabbits. Then you better relax with something else, like Shadowgun.

Controls — 5/5

It’s as easy as can be. You just drag rabbits one upon another to make them evolve, and tap the menus to find where to invest your coins to make more coins. There is even an automatizing option – a magnet that attracts two of the same species to each other once in a certain time. Yes, it’s upgradeable.

You can easily switch between your farms to see different species grow and make money for you. If you like this process, of course.


A clicker so unusual that we’d even call it insane. That’s what developers obviously meant, though. Good old clickers are now just a canvas for surrealistic paintings or rabbit poo. You can see it as a metaphor for the cryptocurrency, but don’t dig that deep. It’s just funny, at least for the first two hours while you haven’t got tired of exploring new species.

We’d like this game to have more of Alchemy than of 2048. That is, the new species should require some special combinations, not just combining two of the same kind. This linear evolution deprives game of fun heavily. If we had to combine them more inventively, it would have been a different and a better game, even with the same species set.


  • What? Don’t you like rabbit poo?


  • Unusual setting
  • Easy gameplay
  • Funny rabbits
  • You tap rabbits, not their piles.
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