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Puzzledom review

  • Erin Myers
    • 2018-08-14
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Erin Myers

Puzzledom review

  • 2018-08-14
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Yes, it’s the whole kingdom of different puzzles. Whatever type of them you like, this app got it. A 100-in-1 genre is represented by a collection of puzzles within one app, a launcher for the whole set. It’s only available for iOS (but you will easily find its analog for Android).

The app requires iOS 8.0 or later. If you’re still stuck to your old iPhone or iPad that doesn’t support new games and use it for entertainment, that’s the versatile app that alone will keep the device alive and demanded.

Plot — 5/5

The app mostly contains puzzles tested by time. And all of them have passed this test. There are pipe puzzles, tangrams, dot-connecting puzzles, chess, checkers, and other games. Some of them are familiar to you, and some will be a discovery.

As you proceed with levels of any separate puzzle, you earn coins you can spend on unlocking new games. Each of them could make an app of its own, so it’s even greater to have them all in one app.

No need to describe each one of them; most games are quite common. Collections like this are very demanded, so that the game will find its place on many smartphones and tablets.

Visuals — 3/5

Not that it’s terrible, but these puzzles could be made much shinier. In fact, in standalone apps they often are. But this one’s mission is to fit as many puzzles as possible in one app, and that’s the mission.

The graphics can be described as “getting the job done”. Pipes turn and paint the same color when connected. Lines are drawn when following your finger. None of these puzzles is great, but none is bad. It’s for those concentrating on the content, and graphical mission is (among all) to not distract. It’s like road magnet chess; being far from an art masterpiece, the set does its job.

Replay value — 5/5

This parameter of Puzzledom is almost infinite. Each separate puzzle has hundreds of thousands of levels. It’s hard to pass all of them (especially if you’re constantly interrupted by ads). Luckily you don’t need to go through the whole puzzle to unlock the next one; it’s enough to earn some coins and unlock a level with them. The game offers thousands of gameplay hours.

You can as well donate some money to get rid of ads that become a real curse as you proceed. They reduce the replay value (if you’re not inclined to pay the ransom), but not down to zero.

Controls — 3/5

The control system seems illogical sometimes. While most control actions are intuitive, most puzzles have a quick tutorial and hints available, there’s still something wrong. For example, you can’t return to the main menu right on finishing some level. You have to proceed to the new one, and then the return icon appears. The app has some issues like this; each of them is quite minor, but they affect the total impression.


This is a great 100-in-1 (OK, a little exaggerated) puzzle game. Especially great it is for old devices that can’t run, for example, iOS 10. With apps like this, they keep making sense. If you’re a casual game player, you’ll certainly appreciate this one. In spite of some moments you may dislike, the app as itself is rather good.


  • A lot of ads


  • Many games in one app Low system requirements Easy to unlock new games without payments
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