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  • Erin Myers
    • 2018-12-21
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Erin Myers


  • 2018-12-21
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PUBG Mobile is a great option for people who do not have a console or PC. The main idea is to survive on a shrinking battle arena full of other players just like you. The app is compatible with Android 4.3 or above and iOS 9.0 or later.

Plot - 5/5

PUBG Mobile takes place on four different islands (four different maps respectively). The basic location is Erangel. It is an abandoned Russian island with a huge military base on it. Miramar is another vast desert-like map. Vikendi is a nice change of pace, offering a smaller arena covered in snow. Last but certainly not least, Sanhok is a nice mix of jungle and swamp areas packed into the smallest map size.

PUBG is the game that popularized the battle royale genre. Players have an opportunity to explore the vast, open areas. You should be ready to fight to the death at any moment, as you can never know what other players have in mind or where they are. Many different weapons and vehicles are available across the land that shrinks more and more. You can obtain some loot after the enemy’s death. The game involves a lot of tactics, strategy, critical thinking, planning, and more advanced skills, making PUBG Mobile more than an app for fun and entertainment.

Visuals - 4/5

Those who used to play PUBG on their console or PC may remember that the game looked like a total mess when it first arrived. However, the upgraded version for mobile devices looks rather impressive, considering the limitations.

On the one hand, the graphics were downgraded. The buildings and constructions became emptier, with lower level geometry and blurrier textures. On the other hand, since you are playing on a smaller screen, it does not irritate you. You will hardly notice these tiny nuances. You can also select high graphics settings to improve the image.

Replay Value - 5/5

PUBG Mobile is the game for you if you are looking for the ultimate replay value. When you start off, you barely know the mechanics and the way the game works. As you sink more hours into it, you gradually learn the tactics and strategies involved with getting to that #1 spot and feasting on precious chicken dinner. With the addition of new maps, you can now learn to adjust your playstyle to new environments.

Controls - 5/5

The controls layout is similar to other mobile 3D shooters. You should be aware of the best settings and controls that help to win the game. In PUBG Mobile, lean shooting is one of the most useful skills out of all. You should enable Peek & Fire feature in settings to get access to this type of controls. Pick the maximum frame rate in the settings of your mobile game to increase your chances to win.


PUBG Mobile might not be the best game ever when it comes to the visual elements, but it is definitely one of the worthy shooters available on mobile devices. Apart from the standard features of the shooting genre, the game also includes some outstanding episodes like those with parachute jumping and the ever-shrinking circle. The chances are that you will PUBG Mobile exciting and engaging.


  • In-game awards and bonuses are often confusing
  • Screen clutter can get in the way
  • Decreased graphics compared to a console


  • Free of charge
  • Regular updated and novelties available
  • Ability to choose between several maps and modes
  • Runs well on different devices
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