Poke Wallpapers - Free Backgrounds for Pokemon GO

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  • Version: 1.1
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Poke Wallpapers - Free Backgrounds for Pokemon GO review

  • Emily Siegel
    • 2018-08-15
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Emily Siegel

Poke Wallpapers - Free Backgrounds for Pokemon GO review

  • 2018-08-15
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Though Pokémon GO is no more a wow-game, it’s still playable, especially where the climate allows it all through the year. It has given life to thousands of memes, made people walk millions of miles and pay just as many millions of dollars, for paid content or power banks.

If you’re of those still catching the Pokémon with a Pokéball on the screen of your phone, you’в certainly like to express it via special wallpapers. So anyone who sees the screen will know what you’re into and how to start a conversation with you.

Interface — 4/5

The start screen in an endless (OK, not endless, but very long) stream of wallpaper thumbnails you can scroll through to see the one you’d like to set as home one. The other tabs are available via buttons on the bottom and are easy to understand.

There is also a tab filled with videos on the theme, and even a built-in Pokédex, an encyclopedia that tells about all Pokémon species, their types, parameters, fighting skills, and evolution.

Content and Features — 4/5

It’s easy to utilize wallpapers. They can’t be set automatically; you’ll need to download the background you like manually and set it as wallpaper in a regular way. Yet there is a useful tool of preview mode. You can check how any particular image will look as wallpaper for home screen or lock screen. When done with the preview, save the picture to your Photo Stream. You may just save them to Favorites and add when you want if you don’t feel like keeping them in your local memory.

The developer, in fact, doesn’t stick to wallpapers. There is much more content for Pokémon GO fans. First of all, there is a video stream. The app is parsing YouTube channels to bring us the freshest videos on Pokémon GO. You can see gameplay fragments, jokes, impressing catch scenes or battles in gyms. It’s mostly about AR, but your device doesn’t have to support it if you just want to watch videos.

Finally, there is a full Pokédex, the Pokémon encyclopedia. Tap on the Pokémon you want to know about, and you’ll see the complete specs. Though, we believe, true Pokémon GO addicts have already learned it by heart.

Usability — 5/5

The most useful feature is previewing your iPhone or iPad homescreen with your set of icons and the selected background. Maybe this one won’t suit at all. And maybe, you’ll just have to move some bright icons onto the dark areas, and vice versa, to make them look better.

The rest is easy to make out. The icons are logical, so you don’t have to guess a lot about what they mean. Videos load quickly and play smoothly.

Compatibility — 4/5

The app is only available for iOS, but it works both on iPhone and iPad, and even on iPod Touch.The wallpapers are downloaded in the right resolution for your device, no matter if it’s iPhone X, iPad Pro 12.5, regular or Retina iPad or good old iPhone 5. The basic requirement is iOS 9.0 or later.


The app is a good extra for any Pokémon GO addict. But we must warn you: don’t select wallpapers or watch videos while walking or cycling!


  • Many wallpapers
  • Additional contents like videos or Pokédex
  • Lightweight.


  • If you’re no Pokémon fan, you don’t need it at all.
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