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MARVEL Strike Force review

  • Emily Siegel
    • 2018-08-16
Professional Critic
Emily Siegel

MARVEL Strike Force review

  • 2018-08-16
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Marvel Universe has significantly expanded after its acquisition by Disney. Its printed issues are now accompanied by grand movies, online activities, TV series and games. In MARVEL Strike Force you are to gather your superhero squad and defend the Earth from ambitious mega villain Thanos.

The game is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Market. It’s compatible with virtually any device manufactured after 2014 (at least in theory).

Plot — 5/5

That’s what we love Marvel for: they always invent a plot with great explosive potential, and all the superheroes get their chance to show off their superpowers. This time you just have to activate a power and the heroes will apply it on the enemies themselves. And you just watch they move as you do in cinema.

In fact, it’s a turn-based tactical action game, where your heroes, one by one, activate their abilities against the enemies. While you start with only a few of them (The Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and a healer), you have enough time to see them all in full effect. The order your heroes are ready for their next move depends on their speed.

Your squad may include both superheroes and supervillains; when it comes to saving the Earth, everyone will do well. There are Avengers, Watchmen, and Guardians of the Galaxy – all of them! It’s even a pity that the number of heroes in a party is limited, by gaming mechanics and by hardware performance. But it’s another element of strategy: the selection of heroes for your next fight does matter. So think whose abilities will be of the best use.

Visuals — 5/5

With quite a moderate size for a 2018 action game, the visual part of it is good, though not stunning. All the fighting scenes are made in 3D; you don’t have to control your heroes in real time after activating their powers so that you can enjoy the sight. And it changes as you move the camera.

The control room, training center, and other out-of-the-streets places look like they always do in these games. Collect rewards, upgrade your heroes’ abilities, select missions, and move ahead.

The pleasure can be spoiled for Android users by poor optimization. If the app is not officially available in your Store, you can download it from a third party source. Stability isn’t granted either way. The app may crash even on flagship Android devices. The iOS version doesn’t have these issues.

Replay value — 3/5

These advanced action games with the long storyline are very pleasing when you proceed further and further, but they’re extremely dull to start all over. While your knowledge and skills grow higher, there’s too little space for applying them. Unlocking new heroes and missions again may be too boring.

So we recommend syncing your progress to your Apple or Google account not to lose it when you change the device or update its firmware manually.

Controls — 5/5

Not easy to make out in the beginning, then the control system becomes clear. You don’t think where to tap: you’ve seen it a thousand times. You just watch Spiderman generating web, Luke Cage crushing enemies, Hulk greening or Rocket Raccoon stealing the show as he does.


It’s neither the first nor the last Marvel action game, and they all utilize the same universe and characters set. And still, each one has its own thing. The thing about Strike Force is team tactics. It’s like playing Marvel chess, grand and visually rich. We recommend this game to all Marvel fans and everyone fond of thinking and acting at the same time.


  • Poor optimization for Android
  • Average graphics quality.


  • Compatible even with old devices (in theory)
  • Offers its own definition of turn-based tactical action
  • The superheroes have their own abilities, not being just skins for some generic fighters.
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