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Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.
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  • Version: 10.3
  • Size: 108.1 MB
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JW Library review

  • Erin Myers
    • 2018-12-27
Professional Critic
Erin Myers

JW Library review

  • 2018-12-27
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With the JW Library app, all your study resources are brought right to your fingertips. The app packs six translations of the Bible, Examining the Scriptures and Sing to Jehovah.

Interface - 5/5

The JW interface is very clean, and there is a bright color contrast in the background which is very helpful for those who have eyestrain problems when reading. The interface has simplified access to the various reading categories such as the Bible, Daily Text, Publications, and Online. The dashboard allows you to easily access all of your books and saved texts, and you can quickly pick up reading where you left off with the intuitive interface.

Content and Features - 5/5

The JW app makes studying the various JW resources much easier since everything that you need—whether for the church, Bible study, or regular devotion—is found easily within the app. If you need to quickly read a verse or need some motivation, you can retrieve and mark it. Under Bible, you can choose from among one of the 6 available translations, including the King James Version, the American Standard Version and the Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures. You can choose a particular chapter or verse and quickly read the comparisons between the various interpretations. You can also add footnotes and other markers to the text that you’ve highlighted.

You can use the search and filter feature to check out the places of occurrences and frequency of a specific phrase or word. Moving through the chapters is simply a matter of swiping left or right. As you read, you can add bookmarks for all your favorite places or if you want to pick up reading where you left off.

Usability - 5/5

Apart from the beautiful artwork provided that makes studying much more fun and engaging, using the app is generally a breeze. Intuition is built in the design of the app which means anyone, even someone who just downloaded the app, can use it easily. The text size is also optimized for different screens, so you won’t struggle too much if you don’t have the best eyesight. Keeping track of all your notes and bookmarks is also made more comfortable as you can access them from a single place on the dashboard. However, video playback is problematic; for example, pausing a video actually stops it, and you can’t resume playing a video from where you left off.  

Compatibility - 5/5

The app is compatible with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch) running on iOS 8.0 or later with tons of language translations. JW Library is also compatible with a wide variety of Android devices, although the exact requirements are not provided. Some Android owners may find the app buggy.


The JW Library app offers the most comprehensive collection of resources for the JW church that makes studying, prayer, and devotionals much more accessible. You can use the resources in a wide variety of languages, and you can tell a lot went into creating this app.


  • Available in a vast number of translations
  • Neatly organizes everything you need under one clean dashboard
  • Intuitive UI


  • Buggy on some Android devices
  • Video playback has lots of issues
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