Helix Jump

  • Version: 1.0.5
  • Size: 99.1 MB
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  • Version: 1.0.5
  • Size: 99.1 MB
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Helix Jump review

  • Emily Siegel
    • 2018-12-20
Professional Critic
Emily Siegel

Helix Jump review

  • 2018-12-20
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Do you miss the epoch of arcades? Helix Jump is another game in a row along with Twisty Road that will be a good solution for people who have nothing to do during their breaks or a queue.

Plot - 4/5

There is no character development, epic battles, or intriguing quests in Helix Jump, but still, this app is loved by many players around the world. From first sight, the plot seems simple, but it’s more complicated than you might think.

The game focuses on the exciting journey of the jumping balls through the helix tower labyrinth. The primary mission of Helix Jump is simply to survive as long as you can and collect credits. It means a player should concentrate keep the controlled ball from jumping off the track. In this case, you have to start over with zero points again. There is a limited number of jumps you can use. That is what makes the game challenging and engaging. Another satisfying thing is the moment when the platform breaks as you bounce down to the following tier of the helix.

It is suitable for both parents and their kids who need to kill some time.

Visuals - 4/5

The player must try to avoid the odd color spot helix as it pops up on the screen. The colorful design only adds to the easygoing gameplay.

You may experience small issues with the center-mapping: the colors a player should not touch can be inaccurate. One should be very attentive not to miss the side of the colored tile because of the significant contrast. You may try to fiddle with contrast and other settings so that you don’t die yet another time just because of the graphics.

Replay Value - 4/5

Helix Jump is not that type of game where users look for the replay mode per se. You don’t really want to come back to a certain point of the game to end up with better results. However, as far as coming back to the game is concerned, Helix Jump is a magnet to many.

In case of Helix Jump, players are looking for the revive mode. Unfortunately, Helix Jump’s revive does not work in most cases, so you should try really hard not to die.

Controls - 5/5

Thanks to the single-tap controls that are simple to learn, users can play this game at any time and in any place. Players should move right and left very fast if they wish to stay on the track for a while without falling off and losing a round.

To move your ball around, you slide the fingers left and right for the helix rotation and jump. With new power-ups and blocks, this game seems even more exciting than before.


Thanks to the easy-to-master controls, rich visual effects, funny sounds, and addictive gameplay mechanics, many players around the world love Helix Jump. The game has a straightforward plot, but it is still exciting and engaging. Most players return over and over again to hit new targets and improve personal records. There is always room for improvement while playing this game.

What Helix Jump developers should think about is the revive option, the accuracy of graphics, and abundance of ads. You’ll see plenty of them.


  • The app is overloaded with ads
  • Small issues with graphics


  • The game and extras free of charge
  • Satisfactory visuals
  • Fun gameplay
  • Numerous levels
  • Excellent music and intense sound effects
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