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Family Dollar review

  • Erin Myers
    • 2018-12-19
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Erin Myers

Family Dollar review

  • 2018-12-19
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If you love saving something every time you go shopping, then you’ll love the Family Dollar app. It allows you to save and redeem coupons on select items at Dollar stores, which could also net you bigger wins.

Interface - 4/5

Bright and colorful always gets shoppers, and Family Dollar makes use of bright colors and high-contrast images to catch the attention. With itemized lists which also give full price displays, there is little that you will miss outside of what’s available on your local supermarket chain. You’ll see discounts and the availability of items with smart coupons which you can redeem at your local store. There is also a playable Smart Spin window.

Content and Features - 4/5

As far as content is concerned, the app lets you do a couple of things:

  • Find your nearest family dollar.

  • Play smart spins.

  • Scan an item to see if it’s on offer.

  • Instantly access Smart Coupons which give you smart savings.

You can also access weekly news about the Family Dollar environment and get other great features which will help you save more. The app basically enables you to save money even before you get to the counter. The problem is that often you’ll not get the correct counters when you get to a cashier. An item may appear as discounted if you shop with the app, but you might get the full tag at a store. Or you may end up being overcharged for items that appear on sale but are actually pricier when compared to other stores. However, Smart Coupons generally provide a great way to save cash.

Usability - 4/5

The app is simple enough to use once you install it on your phone, and there aren’t many crashes to speak of. However, it has recently started malfunctioning due to incompatibility issues when scanning local products. Some of the problems are serious enough that they can’t be sorted at stores. Customers have ended up being overcharged, and others have lost good coupons because of the bugs. The process of redeeming coupons sometimes takes too long, especially for customers paying balances with their credit cards. As you can see, some improvements should be made before the app can be considered perfect in this department.

Compatibility - 4/5

The app is compatible with devices running on iOS 10.0 or later and Android 4.1 or higher. You won’t experience local installation issues with the app, but you might face problems while scanning at the store. This could be an issue with specific devices, but Family Dollar hasn’t commented on this.


The app used to be a great way to make savings at local Family Dollar stores, but recent issues have stopped customers from enjoying their former experiences. Now, you can scan a product and find it incompatible, or lose precious coupons on duplicitous redemption claims. Family Dollar must reclaim its former glory.


  • Provides great catalogs about what is available at local stores
  • Occasionally, you do experience great savings with the app


  • You might lose your best coupons
  • Scanning can sometimes be a drag
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