Face Swap Live Lite

Laan Consulting Corp
  • Version: 1.3.5
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  • Version: 1.3.5
  • Size: 95.4 MB
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Face Swap Live Lite review

  • Erin Myers
    • 2018-08-17
Professional Critic
Erin Myers

Face Swap Live Lite review

  • 2018-08-17
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Would you like to see your face on the photo of some rock star, actor or politician, on a famous painting or just on your friend’s shoulders? The Face Swap Live app offers this and much more. You don’t have to load premade photos to process them like this. The app does it in real time, as you aim your camera to people.

There are many apps of this sort, but the one by Laan Labs remains the most popular.

Interface — 5/5

As you launch the app, it offers you two options on the home screen. You can either swap faces in live mode or process photos from your gallery.

When you start the first mode, the app launches its camera. It requires at least two faces in the frame, recognizable enough and in the same position, so swapping goes smoother. It processes the picture in real time, and what you get is the picture reminding of Face/Off movie.

Content and Features — 5/5

What this app does looks like a kind of magic. It can transform your face on preview and then save it as a photo you can immediately share or delete. You can have fun alone or in a company, with your front or rear camera.

Some of the featured distortion effects may give you creeps. There are caricature modes like Tiny Face or Big Eyes, but others, like No Nose or Mouth Eyes, look like frames from somebody horror movie. You can also substitute some animal muzzle or famous portrait with your own traces. It fits in quite organically.

You can use promoted pictures or select any from your gallery or even find it online right from within the app. But it requires spending tokens you have to pay for.
When you’re taking pictures with a company, you can test your director skills. Position their heads and faces the way they can swap without much distortion. You don’t have to be too exact; the app algorithms do the work greatly.

It can work with videos as well, processing each frame, so the result impresses even more. You can see your own face singing the song by a rock star instead of the original performer, or see you swap faces with friends while dancing or talking. But we’d recommend making these videos short.

Usability — 5/5

There’s no room for confusions. The app is quite clear and clean. The preview screen contains all the tools you need. Just select the right one and watch the transformation in a split second.

The images you get are easy to save in your Gallery or share somewhere out. The quality only depends on your camera hardware and light conditions. So it’s better to use it in the daytime.

It can be a disappointing surprise that in Lite version many key features of Face Swap Live (like making videos) are locked. To get the complete access, you’ll have to purchase the full version. Yet these functions are still visible in Lite and can get you a bit confused, until you get tired of it and either buy the app or delete it.

Compatibility — 5/5

There are both versions for Android 4.4 and later and iOS 8.0 and later. So it is in specifications. But in fact the app crashed on old devices with iOS 9. So we cannot guarantee it will run smoothly on iOS earlier than 10. Issues are possible on early versions of Android as well.


Face Swap Live is a great app for having fun or creating some collages for your Facebook or Instagram pages. Its Lite edition for iOS may lack some extra features unlockable in a paid version. If you’re into it, you won’t regret a single cent.


  • Works in real time
  • The collages look quite natural
  • Some effects are really creepy (it’s no Con because they are not that necessary)
  • Video mode.


  • A lot of ads in the free version
  • Paid options like search tokens
  • Won’t always run on old devices, like iPhone 5 or iPad 2 (though promised).
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