CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars review

  • Erin Myers
    • 2018-08-19
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Erin Myers

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars review

  • 2018-08-19
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Are cats always cute? Yes, they are, even when they are battle bot constructors! This is a cartoon-styled fighting arcade game where you don’t have actually to fight. You just build your machines and watch them battle, and then decide what to improve.

It’s more fun than it seems. The game is developed by Zeptolab, who we love for Cut the Rope and King of Thieves. And it grants excellent quality and amazing, inventive gameplay.

Plot — 5/5

It’s just as absurd as in many physical arcades, but it works. You’re in a world full of cat gangsters (already like it, yep?) To get rid of some after you, you need to create a fighting machine, a wheeled bot with extinction tools like saw, rocket launcher, drill, and other destructive tools to battle the rival.

The major part of the game is online battles where your rival presents their own bot. The weapons, bodies and additional tools interact like a complicated version of rock-paper-scissors. It’s complicated by time and space limitations for any particular combat.

There are many elements built upon this basis. You can join clans or create your own, fight for territory or play quick matches to win loot boxes. Sometimes you can distract from your primary mission to do some upgrades in your workshop or to place your bets on the winner in a fight you can estimate before it starts.

To upgrade your bot, you need a constant flow of new details. You can win them as prizes for your victories, collect from your daily bonuses, or merely buy for real money.

There’s more to this game. While you’re idle, your bot still fights against rivals from your league that are active now. For any successful defense you get your share of coins so that you can make more serious upgrades. You don’t even have to keep the app active at the time; your reward will be available the next time you launch it.

Visuals — 5/5

As cartoonish and 2D as may be, the graphics work quite well. The game runs smoothly on middle-class devices and even budget ones, let alone flagships. The toy bots fight quite realistically, and the developers deserve an extra point for game physics. The interaction between bodies and other moving elements is very convincing.

The workshop presents the assembling process, and you see where any particular element is connected to the body to imagine its combat behavior.
Cats deliver a particular pleasure. Though they stay away from the arena, they look like real mean gangsters.

Replay value — 3/5

Though you upgrade your skills and bots as you play, you can start it over and pass the dull phase very quickly, and then have fun again. But as you progress and unlock new machines and weapons, you less and less feel like restarting the game. So we recommend you not to lose your account and create backups with third-party apps (or system methods) before any system update.

Controls — 5/5

The most surprising thing is that you don’t control your bot in the arena at all. It acts like it can like you have assembled it to act.

The rest is quite easy to understand and make out. You use dragging to assemble your machines and tap the buttons for anything else.


The game is a dose of pure, unspoiled fun. If you’ve been missing those physical puzzles like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope in their freshness, than C.A.T.S. will make you purr. Warning: it’s really addictive. The most amazing thing is that you can earn coins without being online, just for defense you’ve built. So you will want to return to it tomorrow. And eventually become a CAT addict.


  • It gets too hard without payments
  • May be too addictive (if it’s a Con, of course).


  • Unusual game mechanics
  • Great virtual physics
  • Charming cats!
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