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Bible Verses World review

  • Emily Siegel
    • 2018-08-21
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Emily Siegel

Bible Verses World review

  • 2018-08-21
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There are many apps built around sacred books. The Bible inspired a lot of developers; some create large biblical encyclopedias, others just provide the complete text in various languages and different editions.

This app is also Bible-based. But instead of the complete text, it offers random verses it displays at the launch. You can use them as the motto of your day, as the advice when it gets complicated or hard, and so on.

Interface — 5/5

The app offers nothing but the essence. There are several changeable backgrounds, mostly landscapes reminding of the Middle East. The text is readable upon any of them and adjustable in Settings.

The buttons are not too numerous to cause any confusion. They never interfere with the text, no matter how long the verse is.

Android version is ad-supported, and that’s the only thing that can spoil the experience. iOS users don’t have to pay to get rid of ads.

Content and Features — 4/5

The content of this app is, first of all, The Bible (both The Old Testament and The New Testament). The developers cared about selecting some special verses for motivation, solace, inspiration or other purposes. The app offers random verses from random Biblical books. The app contains some 700 to 800 verses (in different languages the number varies).

If you switch the language (or translation), most verses are displayed again in the new language. So the app can become good assistance in learning languages.

The selection may surprise some users. While some of the verses selected are really inspiring (like quotes from Lord’s Prayer or other as self-sufficient verses), other quotes seem completely random, making no sense without their context. Those who know The Bible well, though, may see these quotes more full.

But it would have been more logical either to select verses more carefully or to include all of them. To save the space the app requires, the developers could load just one translation of The Bible, leaving others as downloadable options.

Usability — 5/5

The app is as easy as can be. At the launch, it displays a random verse. You can use the buttons below to navigate. Refresh the app to load another random quote; swipe left or right to open the previous or the next one.

You can as well share the quote via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or email, as via any other app the way your OS provides.
While iOS version is free, Android users can use ad-supported free version or purchase ad-free one for $2.99. It’s not sure whether developer just takes this money or spends it on some charity (which would be logical for Bible-based app). There’s no disclaimer about that.


Compatibility — 5/5

The requirements are very low. The app is available for iOS 9.0 or later and for Android 4.1 or later.


Not the only biblical app, this one is quite good. The app itself is easy and lightweight, with simple navigation and high readability. The selection of verses may be strange a bit, but if you feel nothing with any of them, you can swipe it away and read another.


  • Nothing but the Word
  • Available in many languages
  • Easy interface.


  • Android version is ad-supported and requires payment to get rid of ads
  • Not all quotes are understandable and self-sufficient enough.
Content and features

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