AAA+ Foundr - Entrepreneur Magazine for a Startup

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AAA+ Foundr - Entrepreneur Magazine for a Startup review

  • Erin Myers
    • 2018-08-23
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Erin Myers

AAA+ Foundr - Entrepreneur Magazine for a Startup review

  • 2018-08-23
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If you’re about to launch your startup, there’s only one thing you know for sure: you will. But the further you go, the more specific skills you have to master and the more knowledge you can obtain just to realize how little it is.

Foundr is a project publishing a magazine on modern entrepreneurship. Especially useful it is for those who specialize in hi-tech or computerized industries, but most ideas are quite versatile.

Interface — 5/5

When you buy a journal to read, you probably don’t care about how the paper is made, what colors and pains have been used, what’s the editor’s work, and so on. What you want is an interesting, readable journal. That’s exactly what you get in Foundr.

The app itself is almost unnoticeable. You see the issues available for purchase and download, and when you get one, you start reading it immediately. The swipe control set is default for most apps. Navigate with swiping left or right; zoom pages with two fingers. If you want to go to a particular page or return home, you just make a long tap for the menu to appear. The text can be searched for online or copied.

Simply, there is nothing new to learn about the interface. And it’s good.

Content and Features — 5/5

It’s a magazine about entrepreneurship, with all its highs and lows, pros and cons. It features speakers like Richard Branson, Ed Dale, Sabri Suby of GameTime, and other prominent persons in today’s business.

Each issue can be purchased and read right within the app, with no external readers needed. The magazines are filled with interviews, advice on how to promote your business, motivating articles and other stuff you need when you start your own business.

The price of one issue may be up to $4.99 for a single one. It gets cheaper when you purchase a collection of 12 issues or subscribe for 12 months. The is a 40 Issue Bundle Pack Special for $99.99, the ultimate solution if you want to half off the price and save your time on making purchases. The content may partly get obsolete, but the stories and the principles will stay actual for next years.

Usability — 4/5

We wish there had been more content. Magazines are good, but there are too little of them issued by now. There are also videos accompanying each issue, but, again, too short.

The layout of the magazine is quite decent. It’s a pure pleasure to read it on the large tablet screen; we can’t say the same about smartphone experience, but if the phone features a decent Full HD screen, the text remains readable, and pictures easily are seen. It’s equally good on Apple or Android devices.

The internal reader doesn’t require high performance and works right on weak or old devices; but if the device is too old or weak, the app won’t install at all, or it will crash right after launching. It goes out both to Android and iOS.


Compatibility — 5/5

The app claims to work on Android 4.1 or iOS 8.1 (and above). In fact, if the device is too old, it won’t help if it has a compatible OS version. The app will just crash. So you better run it on iOS 10 or Android 4.4 devices, or fresher.


If you search for inspiration and motivation in business magazines, here, you will find some for quite a decent price and get one for free. The magazines are only available in English, but due to good editors’ and writer’ work, the materials are easy to understand even for those speaking English as a second language.

You’ll have to keep this app to access the magazines you’ve bought; they can’t be exported into PDF or any other generic format. But the app offers all the tools you need to operate.



  • Easy access to magazines
  • Reasonable prices
  • Bundle offers
  • Decent internal reader.


  • Can’t export magazines to read them with an external reader.
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